Asia Land and Sea
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Asia Land and Sea are the number one investment group across tourism and residential in Flores, Indonesia.
We are a driving force of responsible development and conservation of pristine paradises and communities.

INVESTMENT Opportunity

Indonesia is South-East Asia’s fastest growing economy, tourism is its fastest growing sector, and Flores Island, home to the Komodo dragon, is its fastest growing destination. The upgrading of the island’s main airport to international status will result in a multiple-fold increase in arrivals with multiple opportunities for tourism. Asia Land and Sea is poised for growth.

About us

Asia Holdings Land and Sea Pte. Ltd. is a property developer, focused on tourism and residential development, that specialises in acquiring lands  in Indonesia for high-value tourism and residential purposes. We leverage our ability to secure land other developers can't to produce high-yield returns from our tourism and residential related development projects.


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